❓ Why Build on Web 3?

Why Build on Web 3? Overview of Web 3, the next paradigm in web development

The internet today has it’s flaws, these flaws represent tremendous impact in how society functions. Our everyday lives and our every web browsing has been compromised since it’s inception.

What Web 3 offers is a chance to break free from the tech monopoly that is the internet today. Think about the major tech companies and how their protocols and guidelines affect how society interacts and functions.

When we think of the blue giants like FB, Twitter or even Google, all tech empires hold the key on how users interact and how this affects their privacy, censorship, and ownership of digital goods distributed through their centralized platforms.

❓ Why Build on Web 3?

The answer is simple, we need to build a better internet, Web 3 is the next generation of the Internet. Web 3, or the decentralized web, which promises to make the Internet more free, transparent, and user-focused. Users of Web 3 will be in complete control of their accounts, data, transactions, and identity. The vision of Web 3 is coming to life today, and its foundation is being built by thousands of developers and designers across the globe.

🌍 The Internet Today

People are more connected than they have ever been in history. Today, 62% of the world’s population uses the internet in some way, shape, or form. 25 years ago, that number was 0.4%. The past 25 years of innovation have given us the ability to freely interact, share, and collaborate with others on a global scale; this is what we call Web 2. Developers today have access to billions of potential users the second they host or upload their website or application to the web, but this unprecedented connectivity comes with a hidden price.

🛑Problems with Web 2

The innovation of Web 2 has given the world a tremendous positive impact, but its negative impact is becoming ever more present. Issues around centralization, privacy, censorship, and ownership of digital goods have limited the previous utopian vision of the limitless connectivity that Web 2 offers.

✅ Web 3 Solution

Blockchain technology and Web 3 based protocols are poised to solve the problems created during the Web 2 revolution. The Web 3 revolution will create an Internet that is truly decentralized where users can freely interact, share, collaborate, and even exchange goods and services at a global scale in a trustless environment.

Decentralized having nodes that interact with the blockchain without the need of a centralized authority.

Decentralized – Users of decentralized protocols do not have to trust a centralized authority and developers do not have to rely on a single point of failure.

Private – Privacy-preserving blockchains give users the ability to choose who and what information they wish to share ensuring developers that their sensitive information is safe.

Censorship Resistant – Information stored on public blockchains cannot be manipulated or deleted, which gives users and developers the ability to constantly access it

Digital Ownership – By leveraging smart contracts and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), developers can create ways for content creators and artists to monetize the full value of their creations.

🚆 Moving Forward

In order to succeed, Web 3 will need to rely on its greatest strength, which is the community of builders, leaders, and entrepreneurs that have been inspired by the promise of Web 3.

At 3RD PARTY PEOPLE, our mission is to support the adoption, growth, and long-term success of the Web 3 ecosystem. We know first-hand how difficult it is to launch a new product or application, and we understand that developers need to have the appropriate resources to capitalize on Web 3’s unique characteristics. This is why we write education material and link useful resources to build the next generation of the Internet.

We also provide brands and individuals the ability to obtain high-quality developer tools & documentation through our educational material, this done to open their path into Web 3 technology and applications.

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