4th Of July Handbag Sale

We know you have been waiting for another patriotic article, we have been dying to write another one for you.

We are bringing you a brand with so much attitude, their Western Style will blow your screen off! Red, white and blue and so much American pride is the core of the brand, we couldn’t get enough of them and had to write a special article for their Patriotic Collection.

This brand combines the best of traditional western elements with a modern woman’s touch.

Let’s take a look at each style below.

4th Of July Handbag Sale
Fringe purses always have a youth feel to them.

This crossbody bag is great for storing your basic essentials and letting the world know you have arrived in American style.

4th Of July Handbag Sale
Patriotic Satchel bag

This is a classic American handbag with a touch of American pride. Look Western and chic with this super classic satchel bag

4th Of July Handbag Sale
More Fringe, more Western Attitude
4th Of July Handbag Sale
American Flag wallet

US04G 8461 RD
Conceal and carry patriotic tote

It would not be Western style with the conceal and carry hidden zipper pocket in the back

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An American Beauty
US04G 8461 1005 RD 6c8fe24d 3d60 4a2d 9ec7 4bfbc9531daa
American Flag Tote

Complete your 4th of July look with an American flag wallet, made from genuine leather and the hardware to adorn your patriotic look.

4th Of July sandals
American Flag Sandals are so hot!

We know it’s hot at these American flag sandals are perfect for your summer cookouts and of course your 4th of July outfits are complete with the right accessories.

4th Of July Sunglasses
Add a Western Aesthetic to your sunglasses
Western sunglasses
SGS 5804 1600 BK
Western Sunglasses

We love this brand, we know once you see these amazing handbags you can’t unsee them, make one of yours this summer and complete your Western Aesthetic.

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