A Minimalist Skincare Routine by WISHFUL

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Get your headband and washcloth ready, treat yourself to a spa everyday and feel renewed a refreshed. Here the minimalist skincare routine that you have been looking for.

Your minimalist skincare routine should include cleanser, exfoliator, (sunscreen), treatment serum, and moisturizer.

What to Include in a Minimalist Skincare Routine?

In four simple steps, take care of your skin and glow from inside out.

cleasing butter

STEP 1 – Cleanser: 

  • Whether wearing make up or not we should not skip this step.
yo glow
Yo -Glow Enzyme Scrub

Step 2 –Exfoliator:

 Infused with a combination of pineapple and papaya enzymes, this product contains BHAs and AHAs that leave the skin in a healthy glow. The lightweight / milky texture gently buffs away dead skin cells and impurities for immediate results creating the perfect canvas for seamless makeup application.

Treatment serum: Some people like to perform this step last, but for us a serum should penetrate and give enough time for the skin should absorb it. Then we seal it with a moisturizer.

Step 3 – Treatment Serum

The super-potent ingredients from our original Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask have been super-boosted with 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid (HA3) firming peptides to hydrate and strengthen your skin.

Moisturizing Hollyhock Rose and soothing Aloe Vera nourish your skin, leaving it bouncy and supple.

This serum will deeply hydrate your skin leaving it plump, bouncy, and healthier overall over time.

rose oil
Get Even Rose Oil

Step 4 – Moisturizer: 

  • Gain the best of both worlds with this product that has both humectant and occlusive properties (i.e. water and oil). You get the best of both worlds—the humectants will bring water to the skin, and the oils will lock in the moisture.
jelly moisturizer
Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer
QUENCH Gift Set, from Wishful Skicare
Quench Gift Set -1 x Chin Lift: Designed for instant jaw-lifting results, a powerful combination of Adenosine, Peptides, and Niacinamide provide energizing and skin rejuvenating benefits.

• 2 x Thirst Trap Cocoon Masks: Quench thirsty and dehydrated skin with this innovative mask that’s dripping with hydrating Aloe Vera and Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin, and Niacinamide to brighten and protect skin.
Wishful skincare

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