Join the Genetic Sequence of Fashion

We think you would be a great fit for the TGC FASHION Brand Ambassador Campaign. Our minimalistic designs accent effortless style in wardrobe.

TGC FASHION  stands for Trust God Claudia is a fashion forward apparel company (owned by Claudia Bridges) and powered by 3rd Party People. Designed to empower men and women around the world to “be fashionable and comfortable in their skin” and push beyond obstacles keeping them from achieving their goals. TGC Fashion items are timeless classics and a constant reminder to have:

Clarity for a Bigger Future.

Work Hard and 

Always be Improving.

Achieve your Goals.

Next Level Life. 

Here is an outline of the ambassador program:

  • Private Ambassador Portal with Resources and Support
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • 20% Off Lifetime exclusive discount
  • 10% Discount code for your audience
  • 10% Commission on All Sales
  • Vote and Contribute on New Products
  • Custom TGC Graphic Design of your purchased items to support promotion

The TGC FASHION Ambassador Program is an amazing way to get started as one of the 3PPPL Brand Partners!

Let’s start making you some money!

Happy Styling,

The TGC Fashion Team


Why TGC Fashion?

Fit for your on the go needs.

Complete the fashion sequence with us.

Timeless Design

Affordable Fashion.

Integrates with your wardrobe.

"She is coming into the new year with the right mindset for success"
Timothy Bridges

" I cannot wait to meet with Claudia! I've known her for years and she is an amazing woman. I can not wait for her to help my business

Allisa Designs

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