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Huda Beauty is the fastes growing beauty brand.

Huda Beauty  is a cosmetics line launched in 2013 by Oklahoma born businesswoman makeup artist, founder, Chairwoman, and award-winning beauty industry powerhouse, Huda Kattan.

As the face of her brand, company blogger, social content creator, and makeup artist, Huda has worked with manufacturers to create her desired products in a lab.

Her experience in beauty has allowed her to really appreciate and understand the industry as a whole, approaching market from different relatable perspectives.

Huda Kattan, was chosen as one of “The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet” by Time in 2017, listed as one of The Richest Self-Made Women and one of the Top Three Beauty Influencers by Forbes

In the span of 8 years, the brand has built a great reputation of high quality products, such as eyelashes sets, collection of foundations, eyeshadow palettes, lipstick sets and every product in between to complete any professional make up look.

From the products to the precision tools for application, Huda Beauty has encompassed the beauty industry and has raised the cosmetic industry standards with innovative solutions for our daily routines.

With their focus on purpose, not profit, they are the game changers in the beauty industry. As a result they were voted #1 world’s most loved brands in 2021: Talkwalker Report

Huda Beauty's Mission is to create a world of beauty where everyone is celebrated, so that they can inspire you to find your magic!
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Beauty starts, with the skin. Huda Kattan knows and that is why she created the WISHFUL skincare brand.

Huda Beauty is one of the world’s fastest growing beauty brands.

Following a still-growing billion-dollar global beauty empire, Kattan has begun diversifying her brand to encompass far more than just makeup. Foraying into fragrances with Kayali and most recently skincare with already cult-favorite Wishful, Kattan is constantly on the lookout for new ways she can change the game and bring forward avant garde beauty products that create an impact in the world.

Much has changed since the launch in 2013, but something that will forever remain at the core of Huda Beauty is their focus on business excellence and our unwavering passion for kindness!

HUDA BEAUTY , true beauty starts with the skin

As a company, fueled by purpose and not profit, this allows them to approach things differently so that they can create products, content, and a community like no other.

 We found Huda Beauty products on our own searching for the best products in the beauty industry.

After many years of trying other brands for eyeshadows and products the results where consistently there. Drew my conclusion that it was this brand that would have my money when it comes to beauty products.

Loyalty and faithfulness to those brands who continually show improvement and innovation.

As Huda Kattan and Mona Monica Kattan continue to release new innovative beauty products, my support continues to be there because the results are always amazing.


One of the hardest products to purchase online is foundation.

Great product photography is a must when selling this product online. Purchasing an item without actually trying it on the skin can be quite challenging, so product photography is essential.

Huda Kattan and the Huda Beauty team knows this, and they have put in place several processes and procedures (additional to great product photography) to ensure customer satisfaction. One of those processes in the shade finder quiz.

Find your shade, discover your perfect match.

Check out our Blog for more Huda Beauty posts, we hope you enjoyed getting to know HUDA BEAUTY through 3rd Party People ‘s Perspective.

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