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We are on a constant search to find the best of Human Ideation. Optimum Ideation’s mission is to share knowledge with the future leaders of the world.

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Human’s Best Ideation, Optimum Ideation.

What are we?

Can we turn the Human Condition in our favor?

Are you a truth seeker?

Do you crave the knowledge to know what we are and constantly wonder if we are somehow now living up to our potential?

Do you spend hours researching history, self help, ancient origins and technology?

Sometimes you need a little inspiration, sometimes a new topic of focus. Know more about why humans do what they do. Tricks to save time, hack your operating system, and more interesting discovery.

In an unjust world, filled with temptation, and misleading information we hope to be a beacon of inspiration for sharing other leaders available teachings for the betterment of society.

Optimum Ideation offers one location for critical thinkers who above all other things in this existence crave truth. Now you don’t have to scan miles of internet to find knowledge you desire. You are at home here amongst great thinkers/thoughts, psychology, helpful tech, humanitarians, kind individuals, health, and helpful gurus of knowledge from all ages and locations across the world.

There is peace in truth. May you find peace through knowledge and share kindness.

There is no catch here, this page only exists to help you or others become more successful and live a more beautiful existence. No purchases necessary. If you have found information from our page(s) helpful and would like to make a donation or buy a shirt, thank you. All the best.

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See helpful topics, share KNOWLEDGE, that is the purpose of this BRAND. Click here to take you to our portfolio.

Featured Leaders, #thegoodguys:

Gregg Braden

Jordan Maxwell

Neil Patel

Prince Ea

Doe Nut

Praveen Mohan

Kenny Brooks

George Carlin

Robin Williams

Neal Barnard

David Goggins

Robert Surles

Wim Hof

Jack Ma

Michael Glatts

Jim Carrey

Jordan Peterson

Elon Musk

Joe Rogan

George Washington Carver

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Richard Arvin Overton

Michael Tellinger

Jordan Harbinger

Gary Vaynerchuk

Simon Sinek

Dan Young

Dan Fleshymen

Ray Dalio

Grant Cardone

Elena Cardone

Shay Rowbottom

John Adams


Papa Duck

Bill Cooper

David Icke


Tony Robbins

Tim Ferris

Tom Bilyeau

Wim Hof

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