Lesson 1 3rd Party Person Training Be in the Know

Lesson 1 3rd Party Person Training Be in the Know

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Who are 3rd Party People and what can we expect to learn from this affiliate orientation?

This page is an introduction to give you to some great tools to help organize and supercharge your business while increasing savings and earnings for your family.

It is a world of links out there, welcome to our digital village where you can make income by promoting the things you enjoy. Like the rest of the world, you get what you put in, it is 100% participation based.

Consistently building and posting to your pages, groups, social media, and blog spots will earn you the following, authority, and traffic that will become your client database of the future.

Provide additional revenue stream opportunities for affiliates with new thinking and tools.

Why can’t you make money representing the products that you love while adding value and growing toward your best life?

Act as a 3rd Party, representing the actual brands that you use to become the best version of yourself. Have you ever loved a product so much that you shared your experience? We thought so… did you do it often? we thought so… did you earn income from your experience?

We didn’t think so, that will all change now.

Using our links and program to build your shop, you will earn a % of sales from your directed traffic.

With more consistent shares of a specific thing, you will become an authority for products or services.

We saw the change in course in the economy and had a great idea. What if we created an army of networking vendors that together were able to build companies with their sales ability. A company without bias of how someone's looks but judge them on their reach abilities only.

Here is how you will begin building your digital village with our quick affiliate orientation.

We are sure that you have scanned our products and service and are somewhat familiar with our platform if you made it this far in the process.

To begin the affiliate orientation, click here (if you haven't signed up already) and open a tab to login into your free affiliate platform.

From here on, you are able to create custom links that will track the traffic of your promotion.

The system is simple, you choose an item and generate your own custom link by the push of the button. Now wherever you share that link it will track cookies for 30 days from the last time they access your custom links.

The more links you have, the more people will access the system through your links. Any purchase will be positive income for you as per the terms and conditions of the program.

What email are you currently using that maintains your work schedule like Gmail, outlook, or other? Let's organize your inbox folders to direct our emails and the forwarding system emails to a place that you can access and store safely.

Make sure you are also organizing your depositing paypal account information for accounting purposes.

Next, let's get you organized with your own linktree account which will act as a strong landing page for your business program.

When complete you will be able to add multiple links on the one landing page.

Create a strong title explaining your value offer.

Let’s add some more networking applications to your powerful linktree bio link tool.

1st things first, let’s set up a calendar showing your available times for meetings to close business with your future clients with this powerful calendar tool. Click here to begin setup of Calendly or booking application which can link with your Zoom (or GoToMeeting) and current calendar. *Block out and forecast your schedule for the remainder of the year now.

Open accounts on websites relevant to your focus, then,

Create Social Media Accounts:


Tik Tok

Youtube, Vimeo, or Rumble

Facebook, Instagram


Metaverse Sandbox







Have you built up enough following on social and ready to develop a website or more? We can assist in developing your website platform and budget.

Part of what makes this network so smart is staying ahead of the curve on NFT blockchain tech, Crypto, as well as Metaverse. When your promotion platform is created and you are making sales happen, let us know when you are ready to take advantage of our current market knowledge.

Use this link for reference when preparing your linktree landing page and schedule a meeting if you would like assistance setting up and organizing.

3rd Party People are next generation thinking businesspeople, who 3rd Party blocks of their time throughout the week to focus on creating content, link building, networking, training, and sharing information to improve their program.

We appreciate all strong participants and look forward to networking with you in the near future.

If you have completed all account setup and familiarized yourself with creating a custom link from our system, click here to proceed to Lesson 2 Content Creation.

Click below for Lesson 2 for content creation.


Contact us today. We are ready to support. If you found this helpful be sure to share this information to your business network.

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