Lesson 2 3rd Party Person Content Creation

Lesson 2 3rd Party Person Content Creation

Create Awesome Content For Your New 3rd Party Advertising Campaigns

Simple is best:

  • Screen shot or download image and use any images from our site or social media in order to promote 3PPPL Brand Partners.
  • Copy and paste language from anywhere on our products, promotions, or website for your online campaign.
  • Create New Art with your favorite editing apps.
  • We can edit any idea you have and help you create custom content with your own face, text, etc. just message us or schedule a photo and/or video shoot.
  • Create your custom link from the system, share and earn.
  • If you would like to do your own edits of our content that is ok!

Do you know what applications are helpful for designing?

3PPPL use all the adobe suite of applications and about 100 more applications for designing content.

If you would like a specific app referral, please do not hesitate to contact us for support on building your program or advertisements.

Lesson 3 Websites to learn more about and side hustles.

Contact us today. We are ready to support. If you found this helpful be sure to share this information to your business network.

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