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Maybe you have no idea where to start? We understand, there is a lot to know and learn about raising capital. We care about your business success and have already learned the ropes. Let us be your 3rd Party Introduction (for FREE). 

Our partners have raised over 1.1B in over 750 rounds, 1.7M Investors for your offering, 90% of offerings reach minimum funding goal.

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Follow the 3PPPL - 3 Step Program for Quick Funding Opportunities from our other capital partners:

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  2. We review your application - we review your goals and present you with programs matching your needs, gaining offers within 24 hours.
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  • Short Term Loan
    • Short term loans allow for very fast funding so you get a lump sum of cash with a predetermined payment term. Payment is usually made daily, weekly or bi-weekly. The short term loan is best for business with high and consistent sales that are in need of quick unsecured cash to use however you need.
      • Pros:
        • Fast Capital in as little as 24 hrs
        • Unsecured
        • Easy approval process
        • Little documentation needed
      • Cons:
        • Cost of borrowing can be more
      • Best for:
        • Businesses that have high and consistent sales and bank deposits
        • Businesses that need financing right away
  • Long Term Loan
    • A term loan is a common form of long term business funding. You get a lump some of cash upfront to invest in your business and repay with interest over a predetermined time period. Best for businesses looking to expand that have good credit and strong business revenue. Typically offers fast funding, within 2 days to a week.
      • Pros: 
        • Get a lump sum amount of cash to invest in business. 
        • Borrow higher amounts
        • Get funding in 2-7 days 
      • Cons:
        • May require some type of collateral
      • Best for:
        • Businesses looking to grow
        • Business owners with better credit and consistent business who can’t wait for funding 
  • SBA
    • SBA loans are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. Because of this, they offer some of the lowest capital solutions rates on the market as well as long repayment terms and the ability to borrow up to $5 million. Repayment ranges from 7- 25 years based upon how you plan to use the money. SBA loans are best for strong credit borrowers who have been operating for 2 years and are willing to work on the long application process to expand their business or refinance debt.
      • Pros:
        • Lowest rates on the market 
        • Borrow as much as $5 million
        • Longer repayment terms 7-25 years
      • Cons:
        • Long application process 
        • More qualifications required
      • Best for:
        • Expanding businesses or refinancing debt 
        • Business with good credit willing to wait for funding
  • Lines of Credit
    • A line of credit gives you access to funds (up to your credit limit) which can be borrowed and paid back multiple times while only paying interest on the money you borrow. This is a flexible and typically unsecured way to borrow money for seasonal businesses or businesses that need help managing cash flow or handling unexpected expenses.
      • Pros:
        • Flexible borrowing 
        • Typically no collateral required 
      • Cons:
        • May have maintenance fee or withdrawal fee
        • Good credit and consistent revenue required 
      • Best for: 
        • Short term needs 
        • Seasonal business to manage cash flow
  • Equipment Financing
    • Equipment loans help you purchase equipment with competitive rates if you have good credit and good finances. The equipment serves as collateral and the term is usually calculated off of the expected life span of the purchased equipment. 
      • Pros:
        • After payments complete you own the equipment
        • If you have good credit and strong finances you can get competitive rates.
      • Cons: 
        • May need a down payment
      • Best for:
        • Businesses in need of equipment with competitive financing rates.
  • Working Capital
    • Working capital is for those times when your business has unpaid customer invoices and you can’t wait to be paid. You can use invoices to get cash now. Best for businesses with unpaid invoices that need fast funding. Factoring loans are easier to get approved for compared to other similar options.
      • Pros:
        • Fast Cash
        • Fairly simple and easy approval
      • Cons: 
        • Cost of borrowing may be high
      • Best for: 
        • Business with invoice that need cash right away
        • Invoice with 30, 60 or 90-day payment terms are best

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Small Business Funding Capital Solutions

We have the best and most affordable options to help you grow your business. We are in business to help small businesses in USA and Canada.

  • No Upfront Fees!
  • No Broker Fees!
  • No Non-Sense!

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Why Choose Us For Your Capital Solutions? It's Simple

Faster Process

Capital Solutions Approvals in 24 Hours, Funding in Days

Easy, Simple Process, Minimal Paperwork Required for Application

Bad Credit - That's OK

We Consider More Than Just Credit

Flexible Options

Multiple Lending Products to Fit Your Specific Business Needs

Personal Service

Consult With Your Own Dedicated Funding Manager

Apply For Free

No Cost or Obligation to Apply

Bank Said No? Relax, we got this…

  • Receive Capital Solutions Funding In As Little As 48-72 Hours.
  • Multiple Funding Options – Term Loans, Working Capital Advance, Equipment Leasing, SBA Loans, and more.
  • Consult With Your Own Dedicated Funding Specialist.
  • We Work With Multiple Lending Partners On Your Behalf So You Don’t Have To.
  • You Receive the Best Capital Solutions Rates And Terms Possible.

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