The Man Behind 3rd Party People: Tim Bridges

The Man Behind 3rd Party People: Tim Bridges

Tim Bridges: Revolutionizing Efficiency in Business Services and Lifestyle with 3rd Party People

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency is the key to success in both business and in our personal lives.

Finding money from what is already completed, improving efficiency and saving money on much needed services is our FOCUS!

Tim Bridges' quest for efficiency extends beyond mere convenience. He aims to empower businesses and individuals to reach their full potential with BPO. Through 3rd Party People, Tim enables businesses to focus on their core competencies while outsourcing specialized tasks such as automating processes, website and graphic design, and talent search for business growth. Business leadership can reclaim their time and energy by delegating tasks to trusted professionals and technology, enabling them more time to pursue their passions and exceed goals.

As a 3rd Party we help SMEs exceed their business goals by offering automation, online business development, and talent acquisition services, based on thorough market research, consultation, design, and implementation.

Furthermore, with Tim's innovative JV Partnership approach, he is transforming the way businesses and individuals receive efficient products and business services.

Join us as we dive into the remarkable journey of Tim Bridges and discover how he is reshaping the landscape of efficiency with his trusted 3rd party support team.

The Entrepreneur's Journey

When you grow up in poverty it leads to a lot time inside your mind to plan the ways in which you can get yourself and your family out of it. At an early age me and the neighborhood kids would build desks, shelves, and sell artwork to make a few bucks. We would also host mini garage sales and sell candy and gum at school to keep up with the Jones's.  

Tim Bridges, a lifelong entrepreneur many times over and efficiency enthusiast, had a creative vision to streamline business support services and enhance productivity in business building. He recognized that relying on third-party expertise could be a game-changer for businesses bottom-line, overhead costs and efficiency with developing their sales, operations and marketing. With this in mind, Tim laid the foundation for 3rd Party People, a platform designed to connect people with the right resources to optimize their operations and lifestyle.

This Company was formed while working as a Technical Director for a Niche Pipeline Integrity Company, doubling the annual revenue from 5 to 10 million with updated operations, marketing and sales approach. Having vetted several marketing, and recruitment companies, none of their performance or abilities seemed to be tailored enough for niche industries. None of them seemed to grasp or focus enough to solve the problems properly and it took more time juggling several vendors than trying to simply solve the problems on my own. When I began doing the design, implementing my own touch to sales and operations processes and recruitment outreach is when business began to boom and problems were solved.

Tim decided to pause 3rd Party People in 2019 to build Markpointe which became a multimillion dollar staffing company. Most people don't understand that only 4% of founders will get their business to 1 million in revenue... In 2023 following a fallout of his former partnership, with his 1st formal company, he decided to close the doors on Markpointe and include Direct Hire Recruitment as a service at 3rd Party People. After all, as growth in business comes from new marketing, design and streamlining sales and operations processes the next thing you will need is to hire the right talent. With these 3 3rd Party Business Services he began to seek new vendors, partnerships and clients to support.

Redefining Efficiency in Business

Tim Bridges understood that businesses often face challenges when it comes to finding reliable and efficient resources internally. Through 3rd Party People, Tim established a marketplace where businesses can access a curated network of trusted professionals, helpful promoters and service providers. This platform eliminates the need for extensive research, time learning, and helps businesses find the right solutions quickly and efficiently.

Streamlining Lifestyle Efficiency

Efficiency is not limited to the realm of business. The Bridges Family recognized the importance of streamlining everyday tasks and processes to enhance overall lifestyle efficiency. With 3rd Party People, individuals can easily find professionals, products, savings and services that meet their specific needs. This platform offers a one-stop solution to optimize various aspects of life and business.

The Power of Collaboration

Tim Bridges firmly believes in the power of collaboration. Through 3rd Party People, he encourages TRUSTWORTHY professionals and service providers to join forces and offer comprehensive solutions to businesses and individuals. By recruiting a community of experts, Tim is creating a network where knowledge and skills are shared, leading to enhanced efficiency and innovation.

Empowering Businesses and Individuals

Tim Bridges, the man behind 3rd Party People, is a true visionary on a quest for efficiency. By creating a platform that connects businesses and individuals with reliable resources, Tim is revolutionizing the way we approach efficiency in both business and lifestyle.

Through his innovative approach, Tim Bridges is reshaping the landscape of productivity, empowering others to achieve their goals while optimizing their time and resources.

As 3rd Party People continues to grow their network, adding more team members, and sourcing new technologies, it is evident that this quest for efficiency is transforming the way the future will approach work and lifestyle.



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