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Are you like us, tired of demoralized fashion?

Have you been witnessing strange dark trends in fashion?

While wearing your outfit, you shouldn't have to be concerned about your brand's morale's.

We invite you to take a moment and research your favorite old fashion brands news and current campaigns to see what they are promoting these days...

Did you find something that doesn't sit so well? We thought so...

Has your favorite brand of years past forsaken your values and lost your trust?

Enough with worrying about what these too big to fail fashion companies' agendas are.

The time for you to find a new brand that you can trust to shop FOREVER is now.

In the age of Instagram, infidelity, environmental effects, and unethical manufacturing it was destiny for something new to break through and make it to the market.

TGC went to work, for years, there were many sleepless nights, but when the cause is greater than ourselves, it tends to keep us motivated.

The world needed more wholesome clothing and more positivity in messaging, because of this, we were created. is here and making big moves!

Build your TGC Bond.

Together we can alter the genetic sequence of fashion.

Alter your closet's DNA, Shop TGC.

With a dream in mind, we went to work on cracking the code for the genetic sequence of fashion.

These designs are all custom made to accentuate your body's figure and fulfill your need for comfort throughout the day.

TGC Fashion is more than a clothing line, it is trust and comfort in your own skin.


(Trust God Claudia) Fashion is the brainchild of Claudia Bridges, founded in an effort to create a fashion brand backed by positive values.

Evil in the fashion industry is all the craze in modern fashion, we knew the market and your closet craved balance.

Peace and effortless style.

All of our clothing is sustainable and ethically created.

Come see us and you will never return to your OLD brand.

Help us build a better tomorrow, starting with fashion.

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Sign up here, click the affiliate program link: Together We Alter The Genetic Sequence of Fashion.

See more on TGC's latest revolutionary Fashion NFT Project NFTFASHION.US

Bridging 2D Graphic Art with 3D Real World Physical Utility.

TGC Fashion is starting a NEW Trend bringing connection between Metaverse and Real World Fashion.

You can be normal in the Metaverse, inspired by real world clothing.

Proving that you can own a beautiful Alpha NFT, it doesn't have to be some crazy monster ape.

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