We are on a constant search to find "The Best of Human Ideation".

Optimum Ideation’s mission is to share valuable knowledge with the future leaders of the world. Sometimes you need a little inspiration, sometimes a new topic of focus.

Know more about why humans do what they do.

Tricks to save time, hack your operating system, and more interesting discoveries from the greatest thought leaders of our time. In an unjust world, filled with temptations, distractions, and misleading information we hope to become a beacon of inspiration by sharing great leaders teachings for the betterment of society.

Human’s Best Ideation, Optimum Ideation.

Optimum Ideation's mission is to peel away all of the layers that made us all into an onion.

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Season 1 "Self Help Inventions"


Click the images below for the Youtube Video Interview.

Episode 1: Sacrifice To Success The Forgotten Art Project With David Weaver

David Weaver Business Coach Sacrifice To Success The Forgotten Art Project

Episode 2: Ending Veteran Homelessness This Decade with Eric Upchurch

Active Duty Passive Income Eric Upchurch

Episode 3: Maksymizing Life with Valerie Maksym

Maksymizing Life with Valerie Maksym

Upcoming Episode 4: Food Forest Abundance with Matthew Britt

matthew britt food forest abundance

Episode 5: Off Grid Adventure with Salma Burney

Salma Burney Off Grid Adventure

Episode 6: Biohacker / Author / Video Game Creator

Paul Tozour - Longevity biohacker & award-winning book author: "The Four Swords: A Parable of Leadership, Video Games, and Dead Dragons" (to be published in early

Episode 7: FocusBear.io ADHD Support Application of the Future

Jeremy Nagel FocusBear.io

Episode 8: The Full Prism Group-Coast to Coast Connections

brent keough full prism group coast to coast connect

Episode 9: Opus AI Text to Video Game

Adnan Yunus Open.AI

Episode 10: Executive Coach Brooke M. Dukes 

Brooke M Dukes Executive Coach

Episode 11: Mighty Hero Homes Vanquishing Veteran Homelessness

Mighty Hero Homes Drew Walston

Episode 12: Dark Night of the Soul Dr. Kristin Wild


Episode 13: Deep Dive into Optimum Ideation Philosophy with Josh Bachynski 

Josh Bachynski

Episode 14: MINDSET SHIFT Sharlene Lynch

sharlene lynch

Episode 15: Unlocking Insights from the Next Level Health and Wealth Coach

Kevin Palmieri with Next Level University

Episode 16:  Dame Clarissa Burt Building The Self Esteem Regime 

Clarissa Burt The Self Esteem Regime

Episode 17: Own Your Wellness: Empowering Strategies for a Healthier and Happier Life

Julie Ann Meyer Own Your Wellness Empowering Strategies

Episode 18: Entrepreneurship Solving the World's Problem

The Future of Startups and Venture Capital with Yasir Hashmi

Episode 19: USA Medical Jake Crossman & Richard


Episode 20: UpMyInfluence.com with Josh Elledge Host of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast

Josh Elledge The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast

Episode 21: Dr. Beverly Lawrence

Dr Beverly Lawrence

Episode 22: Crystal Sun 

Crystal Sun Level up your frequency podcast

Episode 23: Georgina Gardiner Genuinely You

Gina Gardiner E 23

Episode 24: Jim Britt Cracking The Rich Code

Jim Britt Coaching Cracking the Rich Code

Season 2 "Overcome Self"


Click the images below for the Youtube Video Interview.

Episode 25: Georgina Gardiner Genuinely You

Gina Gardiner E 25

Episode 26: Fredric Abramson DNA Forecasting

Episode 27: Dr. Mort Ormon Anger Management

Episode 28: Jeanne Omlor Coaching Courses to Millions

Episode 29: Esperanza Smith Pure Esperanza Consciousness in the Metaverse

Esperanza Smith - Pure Esperanza

Episode 30: Darshan Chavan Digital 

Darshan Chavan

Episode 31: Felicia Miller Johnson Awe Intuitive

Episode 32:  Steven Howard Coaching Success

Episode 33: Zsa Zsa Tudos Leading Consciousness Shift The 4th Way

zsa zsa tudos the 4th way

Episode 34: Irina Portnova Manifesting New Paths

irina portnova law of attraction

Episode 35: Dr Phil Hickman Plabook Increasing Reading Comprehension

dr phil hickman Phillip Hickman

Episode 36: Annie Yang Budgeting for Success

Annie Yang the intersection between spirituality and business

Episode 37: Dr. Ida Greene

Dr Ida Greene

Episode 38: Nicole Wittauer

Author Nicole Wittauer

Episode 39: Anna Imagination

Anna Imagination

Episode 40: Jermane Cheatham

Episode 41: Le-An Lai Lacaba

Episode 42: Paul Baron

Episode 43: Marc Joseph

Episode 44: John T Hewitt

Episode 45: Andrew Kozlowski


Episode 46: Divinely Guided Chosen Starseed YB

Upcoming Episode 47: Your Favorite Episode 

What type of topics do you focus on this podcast?

It is our belief that the people that care enough to change the world into a better place for others have had a dance with death, traumatic life, or been held underwater too long by the machine.

How can we "not let ourselves down" and become a complete human being?

How many people do you know that can truthfully say that they are happy? For us, it's not enough, and that's what drives us.

Can we turn the Human Condition in our favor?

What can collective humanity do to feed the village better?

Do you have a smart business or smart approaches to increase income?

Are there health tricks, skills, techniques, nutrition, and supplements that increase our capacity to learn?

What is the truth of our existence?

Have you spent hours researching history, past leaders, self-help, ancient origins or technology?

Do you crave the knowledge to know how to achieve our full potential?

When we peel back all of the layers, what is left is Human's Best Ideation, Optimum Ideation.


What do your listeners find valuable about this show?

Sometimes you need a little inspiration, sometimes a new topic of focus.

Know more about why humans do what they do.

Tricks to save time, hack your operating system, and more interesting discoveries from the greatest thought leaders of our time.

In an unjust world, filled with temptations, distractions, and misleading information we hope to become a beacon of inspiration by sharing great leader's teachings for the betterment of society.

Optimum Ideation offers one location for critical thinkers who above all other things in this existence crave truth.

Now, you don't have to scan miles of internet to find knowledge your mind craves & desires.

You are at home here amongst great thinkers, thoughts, psychology, helpful tech, humanitarians, kind individuals, health, and helpful gurus of knowledge from all ages and locations across the world.

There is peace in truths. May we all find peace through knowledge, sharing kindness, appreciation, and love.

How can I get more involved in Optimum Ideation?

This is a developing network of open-networking like-minded leaders.

There is no catch here, this page only exists to help you in your mission in becoming a happy healthy person, or to support others in becoming more successful and live a more beautiful existence.

We would love to network and help promote your story, however going forward we are only willing to promote those that join our pages, like, comment, share minimum of 3 pieces of our content.

Please Like, Share, and Subscribe your favorite content channels.

No purchases necessary. If you have found information from our page(s) helpful and would like to make a donation, support our organization, or purchase optimum ideation shirts, we thank you.

All the best, all the love.

See our helpful topics, share KNOWLEDGE, that is the purpose of this BRAND. Click here to take you to our portfolio, Youtube Podcast, also found on Facebook where you can participate/share helpful content in our community group.

What types of leaders will you be interviewing?

We are always looking for #thegoodguys, sharing good information. Who should we add to the list?

Brent Keough

David Weaver

Eric Upchurch

Karen Rodriguez

Yasir Hashmi

Kevin Palmieri

Valerie Maksim

Matthew Britt

Salma Burney

Jeremy Nagel

Adnan Yunus

Paul Tozour

Brooke M. Dukes

Drew Walston

Sharlene Lynch

Dr. Kristin Wild

Julie Ann Meyer

Jake Crossman

Clarissa Burt

Crystal Sun

Dr. Beverly Lawrence

Gina Gardiner

Prince Ea | Neil Patel | Jim Kwik | Doe Nut | Praveen Mohan | Kenny Brooks | Neal Barnard | David Goggins | Robert Surles | Wim Hof | Jack Ma | Jim Carrey | Jordan Peterson | Joe Rogan | Dr. Joe Dispenza | Arnold Schwarzenegger | Richard Arvin Overton | Michael Tellinger | Jordan Harbinger | Ed Mylett | Alyssa Carson | Gary Vaynerchuk | Simon Sinek | Dan Young | Dan Fleshymen | Ray Dalio | Russell Brunson | Grant Cardone | Elena Cardone | John Adams | Mike Tyson | Sahdguru | Papa Duck | Les Brown | Morgue | Tony Robbins | Tim Ferris | Tom Bilyeau | Ed Mylett | Christopher Greene | Josh Elledge | David Meltzer | Jim Britt | Ryan Blair | Dan Fleyshman

Who did we miss? Who is someone that helped teach you an amazing life lesson? Who should we interview next?

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optimum ideation host tim bridges

ABOUT THE PODCAST HOST Tim Bridges has interviewed thousands of candidates in his placement business over the past several years, he has seen the best and the worst in people during difficult times. 

Growing up, he felt there was not a centralized place to go to learn about the real-life important information for business, health, mind, body, spiritual, and heart, and so many are missing out on this esoteric knowledge.

Now, he is developing this Video Podcast Show with thought leaders in sharing self-help tricks, inventions, businesses, tips & pointers to help others improve their quality of life.

By creating positive nuggets of consciousness and sending them out into the internet, tv, and over radio together we can help change the world.

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