City Girl In The Hill Country

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As a person who lived in a city with close to 14 million people, I used to think that being a city girl is an important part of my identity. Having recently embraced country life and even country fashion, I now realize that my identity is much broader…

I might not be a city girl anymore, since moving to the Hill Country, but of course I wanted to bring some of that comfort and here is how I did it.

I have a few tricks and tips for Hill Country Life to start in the right direction.

Whether you are visiting a short while or you are here to stay for the long run. these tips are worth writing about.

Let the beauty of the Texas Hill country inspire you

To live in the country is to be inspired by the constant beauty and simplicity.

If you like beautiful scenic places to live in then The Texas Hill Country is the best place to stay. The place with an eye-pleasing landscape, ancient caves, hilly places and amazing climate is an attractive destination for tourists.

Outdoors with the right clothes country girl!

This Camo Collection making simple Country Girl Clothes for women.

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Camo Sports Bra

Support and comfort is all you need when you are out here in the Hill Country. When you are out in the country, you don’t want to have clothes that restrict your movement. Hikes, walks, exploring the rivers and the hills, you name itt, comfort is essential at all times.

Wires? Nobody has time for that here in the Hill Country. We are going wireless and the best kind that is, with this new Country Camo Sports Bra.

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Camo High Waisted Yoga Pants

Compression in all the right places and figure forming country camo pattern will give you the right vibes for your country outdoors time.

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Camo Jacket

We know the weather is unceartain, and even here in Texas we get cold. Nothing like being ready, with this country camo zip up hoodie to endure the rain or any surprise along the way.


Simply Lounging with Simple Me


We don’t wear masks in the Hill country unless is for those dusty days or running to the store into town. Facemasks and Net gaiters to match.

Best Country Girl Essentials:

Climate is good: The Texas Hill Country towns are blessed with a wonderful climate. Summers are warm without any humidity, which makes the place an enjoyable one to live. You don’t get tired when compared to other locations in Texas and America. In addition, natural beauty is in abundance for the entire year. Those interested in living in a place with landscaping views should live in The Texas Hill Country.

When thinking of the environment around us, even our phone can camo with this BIO-degradable case.

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Best investment pieces for outdoors Hill Country Camo Boots

The Hill Country is beautiful, but the scorpions are not. Yes, there are few warnings we must make for those thinking of being outdoors more often.

It’s all about the right shoes here. Protect you feet at all times. The Hill Country is full of rocks and the climate can run dry at times. There are scorpions and snakes that we must watch for and that is the reason for the high top boots.

Now from head to toe you are ready to take on the Hill Country and make it yours.

Think about investing in the TGC Fashion pieces the softest outdoor comfort that offers beauty and helps you be one with nature.

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Enjoy natural beauty: The entire place is blessed with natural beauty, which makes your home like a paradise.

You can enjoy exploring rivers, caves, go on hiking trips and more.

You will not be tired or bored in this place as it offers natural beauty and plenty of adventure activities.

We have the outfits ready for the adventure.

In Comfort

Incognito with Country Camo Clothing Collection by TGC Fashion.

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