Do people still want to buy apparel during a global crisis? Influencing in the age of COVID-19.

Apparel in a Pandemic

What can customers expect after the world has shut down?

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By Claudia Bridges

1. How Will Italy’s Factory Shutdown Impact Its Fashion? The fashion industry is a backbone of the Italian economy. It’s a $97 billion industry that employs 600,000 people. – Read More on Vogue


2Fashion influencers are rethinking their curated aesthetics: Do people still want to see cute outfits during a global crisis? Fashion influencers’ accounts might never be the same after the pandemic ends, and it’s already forcing them to adjust how they make content and what they post. Sure, they’re still receiving swag in the mail to produce unboxing and try-on videos, but they’re also grappling with the pandemic themselves and figuring out how their accounts should look. – Read More on the Verge


3. Retailers are dangling deals online amid coronavirus, but shoppers may not show up: Promotional activity among retailers online is picking up, and while, companies like Nike and Macy’s are trying to draw some sales, as their bricks-and-mortar stores remain dark, the demand from consumers still might not be there. – Read More on CNBC


” The global spread of the coronavirus is continuously impacting the fashion industry. ” 

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, and social distancing has most of us housebound, an afternoon at the mall feels like a distant dream. But there’s a slight silver lining for shoppers: There are some major deals online and one of them is at TGC FASHION where we are happy to give great discount to our loyal clients!


As we keep the virus contained we understand it is a challenging time for everyone.  We want to help by offering 50% OFF EVERYTHING ON THE OUR SITE! 

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We wish everyone a safe lockdown and we hope this time will be used wisely by world to learn about what is happening. 

Blessings to everyone reading this post!


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