Get Closer to Nature with Floral Designs

pretty girl wearing sweet roses kimono from tgcfashion. She is looking at the camera and her skin looks soft with her garmet on.

Searching for beauty in the world, we had to get close to nature. Now, when our time has been limited to the outside world, the appreciation for nature is more important than ever.

All pieces are designed to elegantly slim your figure and contour your curves in all the right ways. Each one of these pieces will help draw the appropriate attention to you by smoothing out any unwanted curves and elegantly highlighting your best features.

We are proud to add several new collections to TGC FASHION store.

Shop our Sweet Roses Collection below, and mix and match with the Neutrals collection. Clicking the image below will take you to there:

preview draped kimono 3701755 front 1
Sweet Roses Kimono

You will feel as though these pieces were custom cut and tailored to fit your unique figure. This versatile apparel will become your new favorite additions. Discover a new sense of inner confidence that only comes with clothing that looks great, and feels even better.

Feel confident and secure with a premium fit that will keep you under control no matter what the day brings. Whether you are in the water or running along the shore, each piece comes with a durable fit that is built to retain its perfect shape wear after wear. You can look great and feel comfortable all day long, all season long.

preview athletic crop top 3731314 front
Lightest Pink Top

Beauty is the eye of the beholder, but attitude is everything!

preview yoga capris 3856114 front
Charcoal Green Yoga Capris

Show off your gorgeous new look with a conservative vibe. Know how great it feels to look your best, feel confident, and covered in all the right places. No matter what the day brings, you will look classy, graceful, elegant, and you will feel just as great as you look. Whether you are taking a stroll down the shore, or swimming at the pool, our clothing is chlorine and UV light resistant, therefore the coloring will not fade.

From the moment we began promoting fashion, we made a conscious decision to verify that our production is consistent with our #madeinamerica values. We hope you enjoy wearing our designs, as much as we enjoyed creating them specifically for you.

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