Horizon Pipeline & Construction

Horizon Pipeline and Construction

Looking for a General Contractor for Pipeline or Construction Projects in North Texas or Oklahoma?

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Look no further, Horizon Pipeline and Construction is your new general contractor to service and build your most precious assets. They carry out projects across the nation, but are local to McAlester, Oklahoma, North Texas, and New Mexico.

Quality Objectives to Meet or Exceed Customer’s Expectations:

Lessons learned

Customer feedback

Internal quality system audits

Internal quality awareness


Our workmanship is driven by our highly trained craft, doing it safe with the highest quality, this is measured by our customer project audits & satisfied feedback.

Assure Compliance with all applicable codes, drawings, specifications, standards, procedures, and related contract documents.

We continually improve the quality in order to ensure safe and reliable operation of the completed facility.

Maintain a strong reputation as an organization doing it right the first time and on time.

About Us for Horizon Pipeline and Construction.

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Built on a foundation of trust, we provide our clients with unmatched value, our employees with a safe work environment and entrepreneurial culture, our shareholders with results and the communities we serve with innovation and excellence.

HPAC considers the safety and well-being of our employees, clients, and subcontracting partners to be fundamental to our success as a Company. As one of the core values of the Company, the overall Safety objectives and functions are ultimately established and managed by the senior management of the Company and consistently implemented across the various subsidiaries.

Horizon Pipeline is committed to a comprehensive Safety management approach that achieves safe performance through leadership, training, incentives, accountability/measurement, wide-ranging programs, and effective case management. HPAC employs a staff of certified safety professionals that assist operations management with resources, training, planning, implementation, and program management.

Horizon Pipeline & Construction places a great emphasis on safety, quality, and honesty, recognizing each employee can make a difference. Our training has been designed to instill each employee with a sense that what they do, truly does matter, and that one person can make a difference when it comes to completing a safe, quality, and efficient project.

Safety & Quality is Most Important in Pipeline Construction.

Horizon Pipeline & Construction holds each one of our skilled employees to the highest level of commitment to safety. Our commitment to safety is stressed in each of our weekly and monthly safety meetings as well as the daily tailgate safety meetings. We believe that this commitment to safety is directly related to our success on a project.

Unsafe acts and shortcuts often develop from the unintended consequences of a rushed schedule. As a result, Horizon Pipeline & Construction places a special emphasis on work planning and execution. Working safely and providing exceptional quality demands that the daily activities be properly planned, and that planned properly followed. Pipeline Construction – quality construction work and skilled field crews quality commitment and reliability.

What Services do Horizon Pipeline and Construction Perform?

Anomaly Repairs & Recoats


Roustabout Services

Pipeline Rehabilitation & Rerouts

Hydrostatic Testing

Emergency Call Out

Fabrication of Pipeline Infrastructure Components

Station Construction and Expansion

Gas Utility Distribution Line Installation and Maintenance

Pipeline Construction Consultant

Relocation & Line Lowering

Heavy Wall Pipe Fabrication

Integrity & Anomaly Repairs

Hydrostatic Testing

Emergency call out work

Steel Projects

Poly Projects

Multiple Lines In A Ditch

HDD Boring

Facilities Construction

Compressor Stations

Tank Farms

Gas Processing Plants

Pump Stations




Pipeline Replacement

Launchers and Receivers

New Pipeline Construction

Steel Pipelines

HDPE Pipelines

Flex Steel Pipelines

Pipeline Fabrication

Pig Traps

Main Line Valve Sites

New Facility Construction

Meter Stations

Processing Facilities

Modifications & Upgrades

In-Service Welding

Rehabilitation Projects

Well Pad/Lease Road Construction

Horizon Pipeline and Construction Resume is Vast, Here are Some Key Projects.

110 miles of 12″ and 10″ steel pipeline for Targa Resources

40 miles of 4″, 6″, 8″ flex steel for WaterBridge Resources

16 miles of 8″ steel pipeline for Frontier Energy

Dual 30″ Hot Taps with By-Pass and Control Valve for Northern Natural

11 miles of 12″ steel pipeline for Targa Resources

10 miles of 12″ steel pipeline for Targa Resources

3 miles of 24″ steel pipeline for Targa Resources

3 miles of 20″ steel pipeline for Targa Resources

30 miles of 4″ and 6″ flex steel for Trinity Operating

9 Compressor stations for Bravo Natural Resources

5 miles of 12″ steel pipeline for Riverside Midstream

5 miles of 10″ HDPE pipeline for Riverside Midstream

10 miles of 16″ HDPE pipeline for Valiant Midstream

10 miles of 4″ and 8″ steel pipeline for Fourwinds Midstream     

Contact HPAC for Your Next Project or Scheduled Maintenance:

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3635 E. US HWY 270, McAlester, OK 74501

 Phone: 918-429-1200

 Email: frontdesk@horizonpandc.com





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