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Join the NEW Genetic Sequence of Fashion or Broker a Deal with 3rd Party People Influencer Marketing.

What Problem Does 3PPPL Influencer Marketing Solve?

Are you looking around for jobs but can’t find one that looks interesting? Maybe they all want you to report into an office, fit a strict schedule, or possibly take up all of your time? We can help get you to a point of achieving passive income. If you bring a client to the table you will earn commission for the completed sales. Not only will we provide FREE influencer coaching for members, we provide software that allows you to share and track links.

What Benefit Will I Receive From 3PPPL Influencer Marketing?

Build your income opportunities with 3PPPL Influencer Marketing. Adding 3PPPL as an income partner brings powerful operations, capital solutions, design anything, create any link, any process, any website, any video, promote any product, design any ad. You will also personally benefit by receiving 20% discount (Ex. $35.00 Graphic Design = $28.00) of our products and services for the lifetime of your membership.

Gain 10% (Ex. $500.00 purchase = $50.00 commission) of every referral purchase utilizing our link tracking program. It will track every purchase from those accessing your shared links for any of our products and services.

What we do:
We are a Creative Agency that provides a network of honest, hard-working individuals to assist you in your business management. 3rd Party People has a very complementary set of marketing, industry experience, technology and creative skills that make us well suited for business Marketing and Operations projects.

What we specialize in:
We specialize in creating our client’s exact vision by listening and asking the right questions. We have specialists in E-Commerce, CRM implementation, marketing, graphic design, 3D animation, web site design, photography, video, business management, deal negotiation, capital funding solutions, fashion, Midstream Oil and Gas consultation, and more.

  • Striped Pants
  • wide leg pants
  • wide leg white pants
  • wide leg grey pants with bow
  • TGC FASHION White Wrap V Neck Floral Midi Dress
  • TGC Fashion Ribbed Knit Sports Bra and High Waist Shorts Yoga Set 5
  • TGC FASHION Beige Raglan Top and Shorts Knit Lounge Set
  • TGC FASHION Lace Patchwork V Neck Wide Leg Jumpsuit
  • jeopard jacket
  • striped wide leg pants
  • TGC FASHION Black Lace Patchwork Spaghetti Strap Slim-fit Jumpsuit

For busy business people, our minimalistic designs accent effortless lifestyle, wardrobe, and alter your closet’s DNA.

What set us apart from others is Our Company Values:
Optimum Ideation for the Creative
Passion for the Brand
Integrity for the Client
Perseverance for the End Goal

See outline below for our unique affiliate & ambassador program created especially for you:

  • Private Ambassador Portal with Resources and Support
  • Private Affiliate Facebook Group
  • 20% Off Lifetime exclusive personal discount
  • 10% Discount code for your audience
  • 10% Commission on All Sales
  • Vote and Contribute on New Products and Advertising
  • FREE Company provided Custom Graphic Design of your purchased items to support promotion campaigns.

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