Instagram Regulates Facemask Sales

Instagram has began targeting and disabling our product tags so that you are not directed to our website for purchase. They feel the need to ban all tags that lead to our Facemasks, claiming our products are not approved. Instagram has not given a reason to ban our items, but they do ask to understand that due to Corona Virus certain items like facemasks will be banned from being looked at by the general public on their platform.

First of all, We are not breaking the guidelines nor are we claiming that our masks are medical. Why are they banning our cloth facemasks? One Size fits all shutdown on purchasing individuals facemasks? Targeted? Competition? Please explain why Facebook/Instagram?

When Ads like these appear on my feed and my products get banned, I have to write about it.

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If nipple covers, underwear, thongs, pornography, vitamins, supplements, cosmetic surgery and other things can be promoted on these platforms, why no 3rd Party People Cloth Facemasks ?

If Chanel can produce and sell facemasks for the general public, why can’t 3rd Party People? Their Fashion House has no medical background in creating these masks. Should Instagram be allowed to regulate these decisions and not allow the public to do their own research on the product they desire to purchase?

There’s hardly a fashion or apparel brand that hasn’t stepped up to retool its production lines to help — pumping out face masks, both medical- and consumer-grade. The dozens include couture big shots Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior along with seemingly every mall brand in America — Gap, Zara, Brooks Brothers, Eddie Bauer, and Eileen Fisher. Then there are the niche designers Johnny Was, American Giant, and Lilly Pulitzer; tiny indie brands like Youphoria Festivalwear and Lesley Evers; and Etsy, which has been flooded with DIY vendors. In Pennsylvania, Fanatics, which manufactures uniforms for Major League Baseball players, is turning its jersey fabric into face masks and hospital gowns. Even Dov Charney, the infamous former CEO of American Apparel, is going full throttle: so everyone is jumping on board to help during a crisis.

Banning tags is banning the internet. These measures are not too far from China’s recent controlling of the media/internet. Who makes the decision for us on what can and can’t be seen and sold on their social media outlets?

Our government lied to us when they didn’t recommend wearing cloth facemasks, stating they would not work. A week later our leaders stated that they recommended to wear cloth facemasks when in public. Even a lowly Biochemistry alumni, such as myself, knows to cover up airways for particle dispersion. We didn’t wait for the “recommendation” and immediately switched our focus to facemasks, because it was the logical thing to do to help the community.

Some cities like Laredo and recently Beverly Hills are making it illegal to be in public uncovered and even administering fines of up to $1000.00. The people say they can’t find anywhere to purchase their facemasks. Everywhere is sold out and no one is able to find the materials. Many took it into their own hands DIY style, some created cloth masks to sell and/or donate.

Our initial purchases made NO PROFIT by offering our EASTER discount.

If you review our facemasks you will see that we do not create cheap fashion items. We have invested time in researching the right partners for production, one with longevity in the market. Our team has been around since 2003 and can provide quality craftmanship, and the highest quality materials. Our masks are made in their London facility. They pride themselves on proper protection for all staff and the environment. We are not making any claims to suggest these are medical grade mask, in fact our advertising and website states the opposite, these are not medical grade. In fact, we are emphasizing high quality designs and cloth fabric masks.

At a time when people needed to cover their faces due to a pandemic, we invested our time and efforts into creating high quality handmade masks. We are competing with brands like Chanel, Louis Viutton, and others. We invested our time and money in a time when people need efficient and affordable options. We have been banned…

If you want details on our facemasks click the link .

Now we want to give an update about this article. We continue to make efforts to tag our products, using other words than facemask to describe the product in hopes that the tag will be allowed by Instagram. As their team reviews the tag product they continue to banned and remove it, this time there no explanation or notice. We have been pretty understanding about this situation but its not easy when we have been targeted for speaking out and they continue to shadow ban my account.

We have proof we like to show you of what happened and continues to happen and we must write a letter to their team about why now our hashtag #3rdpartypeople has been removed for viewers. We build our business last year and have more than 500 post created with that hashtag that are now not visible. See picture below of the screenshot.

IMG 0153

To everyone who is reading this article, we are proud of the product we are presenting to you. The point of this article is to give you glimpse of what a online retailer has to deal with during a pandemic, from social media blocks to sell your product to deeper issues in our society.

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