Latinos for Trump

In towns all over the Latino population is learning that they have been lied to by the mainstream media and the news their entire life.

Historically the Latino voters in the US, have tended to vote Democrat and see the Republican party as an evil entity that doesn’t care for minorities.

After President Donald Trump delivered one his best speeches up to date,

Goya Foods endorsed the president and made a 1 million can donation and food products to help the community.

The President spoke directly to Hispanic Americans while explaining his Executive Order for Hispanic Prosperity.

He stated that during his administration Hispanic Americans have had the lowest poverty rate and unemployment ever recorded in the history of the the United States. As well as a record high for median Hispanic household income, which surpassed $50,000 for the first time ever.

Grades in the Latino community are the highest they have ever been in history. He pointed out that he provided a one billion dollar grant for minorities and Hispanic Higher Learning.

He explained the importance of trade schools, work based learning and vocational school. President Trump wants to open schools as soon as possible and get the kids back in the classroom.

President Trump guarantees and pledges to all parents, and Hispanic parents, to protect every child’s safety security with dignity and in peace.

2.5 million jobs will added by the Hispanic Prosperity order which will assist in providing career opportunities for minorities. The man who will lead this operation is ex-governor of New Mexico Mr. John Sanchez.

The media could not twist anything in that speech so what did the Left do?

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