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LEO Bricks – The Curated Collection from LEGO Toys is Here!

LEGO has paired with 3rd Party People, providing Leo’s choice LEGO collections. As you will find, Leo selects only “The Best Toys” from LEGO’s collection. Leo will provide professional toy reviews and give you a store of only his favorites.

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Surf 3rd Party People’s secure site for a wide range of LEGO sets for kids of all ages to enjoy building and playing together!

LEGO has every shape and size your mind can imagine. In the month of May has us focused on something we all love and use every day: “The Best Toys”

We are extremely excited to announce that LEGO has released a brand new theme: Frozen II and these toys are cuter than anything we have seen in the past!

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Check out the line of Minions sets, including the most popular Brick-Built Minions, and their Lair retailing for $49.99

Also check out the best Spider Man Sets on the Lego website.
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Last but not least we have the new release Adventures with Mario Starter Lego® Super MarioCourse .

We saved the best for last because both our kids and us are excited to play with this toy. This Lego® Super MarioCourse its fun for this whole family, as it ties our classic game of all times with the toys our kids love to play. The new Lego technology is revolutionary in the making with sensors to show emotion on Mario and reactions to the course.

Check LEGO.com out and see for yourself!

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Keep up with our articles from 3rd Party People for up to date information on LEGO Brand’s latest toy announcements and Leo reviews. Have fun shopping our growing site, please feel free to message us with any questions!

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