When we were kids, we wished we had one centralized location to comfortably learn and implement business ideas that earn income. 

We created it for our children and you. Welcome to our Family Focused Creative Agency supporting recruitment, automation and design.

Become 3rd Party People 


Affiliate Portal 

What it means to Become a 3rd Party Person?

You are a hustler, networker, resourceful, have will power, know you are meant for more, bigger things, bigger dreams, bigger goals, have SOME tech knowledge...


While we already have a few clients, we're now looking to hire a team and expand our business to support our goal of aiding 100 businesses within the next 5 years.

We would like to invite you to become a part of our network, participate, apply your own creative, and freely learn awesome skills that will change your life forever.

Through constructing this platform to promote helpful products, art, futuristic designer fashion, creative design, web development, and creative business development, we've found that every company and person is a brand that requires a digital village. 

We are here to help.

Every person and business of the future will have it's own 3rd Party People site to do business. 

How to Promote Products and Sell Services with 3rd Party People.

The concept of 3rd Party People revolves around turning everyone into influencers to generate income from everyday activities.

They offer a platform where individuals can represent their favorite brands and earn commissions from sales generated through their shares.

Members are trained to effectively market products and services, with the opportunity to receive coaching and free software for link sharing and tracking.

The program emphasizes personalized support, diverse content creation, and the potential for passive income.

Members earn commissions for successful sales and can receive additional rewards for creating high-quality promotional content.

The program is flexible and applicable to any business, with a focus on empowering individuals to monetize their skills and interests.

How Does 3rd Party People Help You?

Promoting 3rd Party People (3PPPL) offers several benefits. You can build your own e-store and income opportunities for free through their Influencer Marketing program. By partnering with 3PPPL, you gain access to powerful operations and capital solutions. You can create and promote any product, design anything, and use any process or website.

Additionally, as a member, you receive a lifetime 15% discount on 3PPPL's products and services. You also earn a 15% commission on every referral purchase tracked through their link tracking program. This program tracks purchases made from your shared links (cookies last 30 days), potentially earning you thousands for large annual agreements.

Furthermore, if you have an idea for a product or service, 3PPPL can create it for you to promote, allowing you to promote exactly what you want.

What we do:

We are a Creative Agency that provides a network of honest, hard-working individuals to assist in business management. 3rd Party People has a very complementary set of marketing, industry experience, technology and creative skills that make us well suited for business Marketing and Operations projects.

What we specialize in:

We specialize in networking and creating our client’s exact vision by listening and asking the right questions.

We have specialists in E-Commerce, remote office setup, CRM implementation, marketing, graphic design, 3D animation, web site design, photography, video, business management, deal negotiation, business systems & processes, capital funding solutions, fashion, beauty, health, jewelry and even Oil and Gas consultation, NFT, and more.

For busy businesspeople, our beauty, health, jewelry, and minimalistic fashion designs accent effortless lifestyle.

What set us apart from others is Our Company Values:

Optimum Ideation for the Creative
Passion for the Brand
Integrity for the Client
Perseverance for the End Goal

See outline below for our unmatched affiliate & ambassador program created especially for you:

  • Private Ambassador Portal with Resources and Support
  • 15% Off Lifetime exclusive personal discount
  • 10% Discount code for your audience
  • 15% Commission on All Sales

Become 3rd Party People 

Affiliate Portal 

Join and grow your digital village, let's begin networking with the 3rd Party People Brand!

Happy Networking

The Entire 3PPPL Team


    Networking on your behalf, we create job postings, market your openings, interview and vet all candidates.

    Only top talent are forwarded along with a biography to your hiring managers, saving time and money for your organization.

    Booking our service is as easy as clicking a button.


    With our "Professional Perspective Solutions for Aspiration Excellence," we deliver turnkey solutions for your marketing content, automating operation systems, and advertising needs.

    Our diverse skill set in operations, marketing, retail, technology, modern business, and creativity makes us well-suited to handle any Marketing-Operation project.


    Learn Modern business concepts and applications online that will save you salaries and create systems that will work for your business for the long haul.

    Tim has managed millions and created millions in revenue for his companies and others.

    Gain quick insight, perspective, and new cost-effective creative ideas for your brand.


    Discover the transformative power of 3rd Party People's business training course!


    Get ready to be inspired by their contagious energy that sparks motivation wherever they tread. Like a radiant beacon, they illuminate the path to greatness for all their partners. No matter how daunting the obstacles or promising the opportunities, they remain resolute and unwavering, setting your passion ablaze.


    Sign up now and let their expertise and guidance ignite the fire within your business, propelling it towards unparalleled success! Don't miss this chance to elevate your business to new heights with the invaluable support of 3rd Party People's 1 on 1 training course.



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By bringing together all these choice products in one convenient location, we make your experience faster and more efficient.

Imagine having one place for sourcing all of your gift-giving needs, including treating yourself!

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