President Trump wears a mask during his visit to Walter Reed, it was not a #Patriotdesigner Mask…

President Trump wore a mask in front of the public and the White house press corps on Saturday for the first time since the pandemic began. During his visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Saturday, he wore a navy blue mask with a gold presidential seal on the side.

Donald Trump Wears Mask Out of Respect

On Thursday in a Fox News Interview he said: “I think if I’m in the right setting, if I’m with soldiers… I don’t want to spread anything,” he told Sean Hannity. “I don’t want to cause a problem for anybody. No, I have no problem with masks, but it’s got to be done at the right time.”

Classic All Americn Trikini 1
American Trikini by TGC Fashion

Trump himself has sent mixed messages on the practice. At one point he shared a tweet that mocked his democratic opponent Joe Biden for wearing a facemask, but on another occasion he said he all in for masks and said he though it made him look like the lone ranger.


PatriotDesigner said “Now we may have a chance to sell him some trikinis to the first lady. Made in the USA.”

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