Abstract Expressionist, MBA, Business Consultant, Artist, Curator, Business Owner: Reanna DiPaolo

Who is Reanna DiPaolo?

I am an abstract expressionist expressing my PTSD and anxiety disorders through my art, thus helping me cope in a positive way and give back to others. I create my art primarily in acrylic and canvas, making both series and individual paintings, which tend to be my most explosive works. I create what I feel, and the emotion channelled through my work conveys the feeling to the viewer. The raw nature of me style is chaotic but draws the viewer in to discover layers within layers.

I grew the small east Texas town of Crosby Texas and was constantly involved in academics with art being my passion. I won Best of Show in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for drawing when I was 8 years old. I took a break from art to focus on school and recently graduated with my MBA. I help my family by taking care of my 92 year old grandfather who is a vet of WWII. Growing up I was also very involved in the Boy Scouts of America, my first job working at a Boy Scout camp and living in a tent for three summers. This helped make me who I am and to this day love to volunteer my time, help others, and spend time in nature. I am most excited that I get to paint professionally and help others with my time.

I am most excited that I get to paint professionally and help others with my time.

Getting here was not easy and thankfully I had a great support system to get me here, plus the tenacity to not give up.

My brand is about helping others at all times and living by the Boy Scout oath and motto. I want to help everyone I meet.

What is Abstract Expressionism ?

Abstract Expressionism is an artistic movement of the mid-20th century comprising diverse styles and techniques and emphasizing especially an artist’s liberty to convey attitudes and emotions through nontraditional and usually nonrepresentational means.


Reanna Art and 3rd Party People collaboration through facemasks

Reanna requested 3rd Party People for photography services and so we team up and created these portraits you see on this blog.

During the pandemic Reanna out her own time and money started making cloth facemasks with her machine to help anyone in need during the time the virus broke out and the supply of masks was limited. Reanna could only create so many masks so we had an idea.

3rd Party People team up with Reanna to help our design skills and her raw art bring facemasks where they were needed. We collaborated using Reanna’s Art and 3rd Party People companies and created these one of a kind pieces for Abstract Expressionist fans.

All sales from these masks are destined to help others in need of facemasks.

Cold and Warm Colors on this Art
facemask 4 1
All four facemask come this package click image
facemask 5
Our facemasks are available as a pack of four  – click image
facemask 2
four beautiful ART PAINTINGS
facemask 1
from Artist Reanna Dipaolo

How Do I contact Abstract Expressionist Reanna DiPaolo?

Best way to contact her is thru email.

You can follow her on social media:

Instagram: @reanna142

How to purchase Reanna Paolo’s Abstract Art?

purchase inquiries please send email to reanna142@gmail.com

I paint how I feel.

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