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Do you want to simplify your makeup application and still look flawless like you took 2 hours to get ready?

We have the solution with this amazing custom brush.

The brush is designed with 3 wells so you can effortlessly mix your makeup and skincare products for a flawless finish.

This ultra-customizable brush allows you to create your own beauty formulas and saves you time by combining three steps into one.

The first-to-market design also ensures you avoid unwanted mess and product waste, creating a perfectly blended finish every single time.

Add your primer, foundation, and dewy drops on your brush and blend away all imperfections into a flawless canvas.

Amazing isn’t it?

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Simplify Makeup Routine with Cover | FX Future Perfect Water-Optional Cleanser
Future Perfect Water-Optional Cleanser

Water is optional here.


To use with water: Apply 2 pumps into hands and gently massage into the skin, then rinse with warm water and pat dry. Repeat this step after you’ve removed your makeup for a quick and easy double cleanse.

To use without water: Apply 1-2 pumps on a cotton round and gently wipe over skin until makeup is removed. For the eye area, hold the cotton round over closed eyes for several seconds, then gently wipe away eye makeup – no rinsing required.

Simplify Makeup Routine with Cover | FX
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Custom Brush
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