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Claudia bridges

TGC (Trust God Claudia) Fashion was the brainchild of Claudia Bridges, and destined for greatness. Fashion and art had always been a large piece of her life, from modeling, designing, promoting, and wearing designer brand products. It was time for something new to make it to the market. In the age of Instagram and infidelity the world needed more wholesome clothing and positivity. With a dream in mind we cracked the code on the genetic sequence of fashion.

TGC Fashion is more than a clothing line, it is trust and comfort in your own skin. We really have something special here with peace and effortless style. All our clothes are sustainable, ethically created, and made in America. While wearing your outfit, you don’t have to be concerned about how it was created and if someone was harmed in its creation. The designs are all custom made to accentuate your bodies figure and fulfill your need for comfort throughout the day.

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Our services for TGC Fashion ranged from Brand Theme design, logo design, remote office setup, operating software & crm implementation-automation, phone services, website design, SEO, custom document creations, flyers-trifolds, event booth design, fashion design (hats, shirts, etc), pens, custom writing, social media creation-management, promotion, and custom content creation.

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