Cuteservative, how the term began

“I wanted other young conservative women who watched POPlitics to have a community where they are free to be themselves from cancel culture and make like-minded girlfriends who were into fashion and pop culture just like they are. I hate the stereotype of conservative women that says we all wear skirts to our ankles and are clueless when it comes to culture and what’s trending.”

Alex clark
This Summer we recommed Popssicles and POPlitics

Alex Clark, former radio host and new host for her brand new show POPlitics, is now sponsored by Turning Point USA. At just 27 years old, Clark has become a voice for Conservatives. She is not afraid stand up for American values and shine light to some dark subjects most people shy away from. Talk about multi-talented, she does all this while drinking a strawberry milkshake and learning how to skateboard. What a fun way for people to learn the truth.

I was really looking forward to writing this article because Alex Clark is such fun and outspoken person, she fits the role perfectly and delivers a great result with her show.

I came up with the name “cuteservative” because it embodies who and what we are to our core.

Alex Clark

It’s true, pop politics culture can be loud and one sided. Conservatives don’t have many voices to stand up for truth in topics like Hollywood, and when one does, they get ‘cancelled’ for it. It’s a harsh reality in our culture today. We face so much propaganda day in and day out, it can become noisy, and repetitive. We get it: conservatives are ‘bad’, and conservatives are ‘racists,’ and they don’t like pop culture anyway, right? Wrong. You can’t silence a majority because of a couple people, and we do love pop culture, we just don’t enjoy the evil underlying propaganda that comes along with it.

Cuteservative Alex Clark
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Who is Alex Clark?

Alex Clark is originally from Southern Indiana and has been a radio host for the past 7 years. She is well known for her unapologetic conservative values and Christian beliefs. She’s an incredible voice for young conservatives and POPlitics she is the conservative voice we needed.

Cuteservative , Alex Clark , Turning Point USA , Poplitics
Cuteservative Pill

What is Poplitics?

POPlitics is the first ever daily pop culture show for younger conservatives. It is quite obvious the entire media, everything on your TV screen, is directed by dubious elite who love to tear down conservative American Godly values. They take every chance they can to tear us down, they spread lies as truth. POPlitics is anything but that. It’s a daily pop culture show breaking down the latest news in Hollywood and pop culture with a conservative spin and no propaganda. You can watch POPlitics everyday at 4pm EDT on IGTV.

“I left a successful 7 year career in morning radio to create this show with Turning Point USA because I knew there was a dire need for this type of content in the conservative movement! We need more personalities that are relatable to young people and talking about the things they want to talk about or we’re never going to win the culture war. This show is going to confuse the establishment and fire up conservative Gen Z and Millennials who have felt alone and out of place trying to Keep Up with the Kardashians! This is the new movement and it’s called being “CUTEservative”!”

Alex Clark

Who needs E! News and Fox News when we have POPlitics? It’s the best source to find everything pop culture without the propaganda, and not to mention, Alex Clark is a personality and style you will fall in love with. The conservative voice in Pop Culture is now Alex Clark.

In conclusion, what is a Cuteservative?

My pronous are cute / servative  cuteservative

Cuteservatives are beautiful and confident conservatives that are not afraid to stand and speak out on their beliefs. #Cuteservative hashtag was started by Alex Clark with POPlitics and the movement building traction because we love pop culture without the Leftist propaganda.

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For more conservative news check out POPlitics on instagram or itunes podcast. Don’t forget to support Turning Point USA and Shop your favorite designs with us at Patriotdesigner by 3rd Party People. Do you agree with us, do we need a 3rd Party to fix America?

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