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What in the world is going on in the IT & Energy Sector?

Modern Pipeliner Podcast has arrived to help assess the current IT & Energy Market with rare interviews of key sector professionals.

Modern Pipeliner Podcast was developed to share the IT & Energy Industry Players doing good work, making a difference, and creating jobs, products, and helpful services supporting these sectors.

Listen to IT & Energy Industry Interviews Click Highlighted Text! Click Thumbnail Images below to go to Youtube Video Interviews.

Episode 1: Brand New Love Potion Wesley Hanna

Wesley Hanna Band Brand New Love Potion

Episode 2: Kupros Steamed Powered Consulting David Walters

Kupros Steamed Powered Consulting David Walters

Episode 3: National Inspection Services Scott Theriot

Scott Theriot National Inspection Services

Episode 4: Offshore Turnkey Restoration and Roofing Shaun Johnson

Offshore Energy Industry Shaun Johnson 

Episode 5: Nationwide Freight For Energy Sector Nico Logistics with Matt Nicholas

Matthew Nicholas with Nico Logistics Freight Solutions

Episode 6: Cassandra AI and SEO Pro Josh Bachynski 

Episode 7: Rich "Trigger" Bontrager Rock The Stage Media Guru 

Episode 8: Jeff Krimmel Chief Strategy Officer at Pinnacle 

Episode 9: Michael Kiernan Geomaus Geospatial Technology

Upcoming Episode 10: Networking with Purpose EZ Way Family with Eric 'EZ' Zuley ( )

Upcoming Episode 11: AI Metaverse Creators Demo Walkthrough Adnan Yunus 

Upcoming Episode 12: Cenozon Neural Maps of Pipelines with Mark Woynarowich

Upcoming Episode 13: Tom Gay Engage Pro different than CRM

What's hot in the it or energy industry right now?

The year is 2023, world trade, policies, futuristic inventions, and environmental are dictating the direction the human race will pursue for its energy and even IT, today, and in the future.

The economy, IT, and energy industry has changed rapidly and forecasting has as well.

Many career paths were changed in a very short period of time. Where did everyone wind up?

More importantly, how are they doing?

What key projects & policies are ongoing / coming up that are affecting the markets?

What new inventions, projects, and tech are they working on that will benefit humanity?

What can we ALL do to help?

it industry and energy industry interviews

What industry leaders can we interview that would make the show more enjoyable for the audience (you)?

We take a look (listen) at professionals from all levels on a hunt for keen market specific information that can help players looking to get involved, make a career move, or even return home.

Software | Devices and Infrastructure | IT and Business Services | Emerging Technology | Telecom Services | Video Games | Metaverse | AI

Oil and Gas | Downstream | Midstream | Upstream | Offshore | Chemicals | Solar | Wind | Hydroelectric | Fusion | Hydrogen | Battery | Environmental | Energy Industry | Food & Water Solutions | Renewable Energy | Human Resources

If your business is IT or Energy focused, you have insights that will help advance others understanding, developing new tech, and/or providing opportunities for others to excel we want to interview you.

We have dubbed the extra ordinary men / women like you, Modern Pipeliners, industry leaders that share our same hustle for hard work, powerful networking, care & resourcefulness for the betterment of society.


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Your Host Tim Bridges

Tim Bridges Modern Pipeliner Podcast

Listen to Energy Industry Interviews!

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