David Martin Bridges Papa's Paintings

Papa's Paintings by David M. Bridges

Papa's Paintings by David Martin Bridges

Making an Appearance in the Metaverse and Art Society Once Again.

A tribute to a Great American Artist using the best of today's technology and networking.

Enjoy Papa's Paintings by David Martin Bridges as he wished you would, gain viewing access to his personal exclusive collection below.

Galena Station by David Martin Bridges

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"Terlingua Guard Dog"

"Palestine to Rusk"

"Take Your Pick"


"Magazine Street"



"Great Lakes Fountain"



"Guard Watch"

"Left Turn"



Magazine Street by David Martin Bridges


Our goal is to utilize funds from the art purchases to promote all of DMB's Artwork and Sculptures, indefinitely, to assist in increasing the value of all piece(s).

Promotion Online - Papa's Paintings Community Events for new share Owners (Including Webinar Slideshow of Old Paintings on Carousel Projector).

If you hold the piece, you are not obligated to contribute to promotion, everyone's efforts combined will help increase the collective value.

As pieces or shares become resold and the price increases in value over time, owners will receive the benefit.

Of course, you can always hold onto the piece for your own family collection and be happy to know that it is appreciating.

Papa's Paintings holders will play an important role and will actively participate in all future project development.

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Two Worlds of the Artist David Martin Bridges

Growing up as the "Irish Kid", in Little Italy, in St Louis in the years following the great depression was tough on then dubbed "Red Headed Dago", but he grew up tough. He earned his childhood nickname from boxing during PE class in school. He said the Italian kids that picked on him in the streets later gave him respect when they had to face him one on one in the ring.

Papa would tell stories of selling buckets of coal as a child for a nickel. He spoke of growing up in a small house with extended family near the railroad tracks. His early memories were of his drunken uncle spitting on and kicking his toys. People from that time were emotionally cold, struggling, and without savings. Living minimally was engraved into his personality even at an older age, but his heart and desire to do good was one of the best.

His dream even at an early age was to be an artist, but his parents didn't support his passion. It hurt him, but he knew that he was meant to create beautiful art. So, he would earn money from odd jobs and purchase his own supplies. His hobby was creating art, using pencils, crayons, charcoal, eventually he graduated to watercolor, and oils.

When the family moved to Illinois, he met my grandmother in high school and they later wed. She was a beautiful intelligent Italian woman, an artist, and very crafty individual herself. They would have 3 children together and raise them near relaxing Lake Miltmore in a quiet neighborhood. David built additions onto the home as the family grew, as well as a large gable barn, with wrap around decks and walkways, and made it their very own paradise. He worked as a master butcher in Chicago & Milwaukee and was the head of the meatcutters union in his region.

In his life away from work, he was a self-taught artist. David Martin Bridges was widely recognized by his art society peers in the Milwaukee and Chicago region as one of the great self-taught American professional painters. Championed for bringing his own version of realism to people, places, and things, with extreme detail and bold colors. Famous in art society for his limited number of bristles, sometimes only 1 hair on his paint brushes, he brought home many best of show awards in Illinois.

David as a retired butcher, sold the family home up north and moved to Texas to be closer to his children and grandchildren. After his wife Jane passed, he pursued artistry further, and became an active member of the Conroe Art League and Elite Signature member of the Watercolor Art Society of Houston.

He received many accolades and blue ribbons throughout the years.

Many of his peers throughout the years were his inspiration and provided great knowledge and community. The closest artist that inspired him was Andrew Wyeth, and he even had a small collection of his books.

At his funeral in 2014, his grandson, Tim Bridges vowed to immortalize his grandfather's priceless artworks and create his own art all in his honor.

3rd Party People (his grandson’s family-owned company was created to continue the Bridges artistry into a new digital age) as a premier creative agency, creating premium digital art experiences, business branding, and visual content for top brands across the globe.

David Martin Bridges already sold thousands of dollars' worth of his paintings, when alive.

It has taken almost 10 years to get to a position to properly promote and show his art with the respect it deserves online. Let's all assist this great American artist in gaining the great recognition he deserves while appreciating the opportunity to purchase shares in a one-of-a-kind piece from an acrylic geniuses' family art collection.

What Great American Artist's Do You Know?

It is time to support our nation's great artists and share these beautiful national treasures.

The best of technology, Modern Art Society, and a network of great websites has provided us all the proper platform to immortalize his prized collection.

Artwork is well known as one of the best utilities you can purchase, and this unique art will find its way into the American Artistry Hall of Fame with your patronage, and support. Thank you for your visit, we hope you enjoyed reading about the artist.

Innocence and Wisdom by David Martin Bridges

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