Optimum Ideation Podcasting Introduction

Optimum Ideation Podcasting Introduction

In Season 1 of Optimum Ideation Podcast, your host, Tim Bridges encouraged leaders to share not only their expertise, but their stories and their hearts.

We are currently in Season 2, Year 2 of the Optimum Ideation Podcast.

At Optimum Ideation we cover a narrow range of topics such as: learning more about human behavior, tricks to save time, hack your operating system, and more interesting discoveries from the greatest thought leaders of our time. 

In an unjust world, filled with temptations, distractions, and misleading information we hope to become a beacon of authentic inspiration by sharing great leader's teachings for free for the betterment of society.

Sometimes you need a little inspiration, sometimes a new topic of focus. 

We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world.

We let our guests share on the subjects they’re well-known for, and sometimes a surprise of what else they also know.

No matter the topic, you’ll be hearing real stories from real people.

If you’d like to become a featured guest on Optimum Ideation, apply here.

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