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An exclusive peer membership organization for a new generation of high-net-worth executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and social media influencers.


Imagine you are time travelling with 3rd Party People to a time when you have already built your platform and met your financial goals.

We have already given you all the answers and you have already built your business up online over a 5-year period.

Today is the day of the creator economy, we began many moons ago and have had to learn all the old and new ways to stay relevant in the market. Guess what? We built this program to help train you in becoming a more effective creator.

Go where you have never been before, the future through the internet, growing business daily, earning more online each day, while working remotely. 

Your dreams won't build themselves, they cost time and money.

The best time to start was 5 years ago.

Knowing where and "How To Start" is most important always.

Why did you guys create this affiliate program online?

We love business, we like to say we are "About Business".

We are building a network of happy businesspeople working to become affiliates of revenue.

We wanted others to be able to work remotely and build their ideal lifestyle from anywhere in the world, like us.

If someone was efficient enough, earning, and interested in working with us full time the strongest affiliates would be offered the position.

We could have easily built our business without an affiliate program, but what's the fun in that?

We built this business to help guide other people and businesses and create a positive impact in this crazy world.

There has never been a better time to build a brand online than right now.

More people are making their purchases online than ever and research shows that that is only increasing with each passing generation.

Smell that new schoolbook smell one last time, do yourself a favor,

complete this simple and quick training lesson walkthrough.

When can I start?

If somebody were to teach me all this great knowledge today, it would have saved 5 years of trial and error, however we offer you simple absorbable lessons and a platform to share and begin earning on day one.

What will I be doing as a 3rd Party Person?

Affiliate marketing is where you represent other brands as a sales and marketer for any brand that you like (and accepts you).

Pause for a moment, think of how many people have given you a chance to earn money with them?

By sharing & promoting 3PPPL Brands and Products you will earn 15% of the sales that come in from your traffic!

We provide a platform that tracks your statistics and progress!

Create a link from the system on the product or service that you are promoting and place it inside your store that you will be building....

Anyone that searches your store or clicks on the link will be noted as your traffic in the system!

Also, there are coupon codes that you can create and share. Cool Right!

In building the platform to market our products and services, you will be able to transition it into your own company of the future, or maybe you already have a platform.

In that case, complete the orientation and learn additional passive income opportunities to increase capital for your business journey.

We are excited to have you! We work hard, so we hope that other hard workers will care to join and participate. This will be 100% participation based and apply to all aspects of life.

In our eyes you are part of the team, our shared digital village, and we wish for you the strength to build whatever your vision may be for the future. 

Your new partners are able to teach you tips and tricks that will help you build your platform for online presence, the sooner you follow through with your own elbow grease, you will become a self-sustainable asset growing network.

Your family will love you, life will be good, and you will be earning a living from an initial side hustle "Opportunity".

Know that not many Companies will give you the opportunity, so always do your best, keep building your resume, keep networking, and always continue your learning.

Always show great respect for those that give you knowledge or an opportunity to serve them, they didn't have too. With that being said, we appreciate your participation in this community program and the opportunity to serve and network with you.

Networking is the most important thing that we do as Humans, possibly, after marketing.

Our Goal with this Journey is to help 100 individuals to add +20K your first year (marketing our products and services) to your current annual income by following our simple lessons and business planning.

Who is 3rd Party People?

If you've come this far, chances are you already know our mission to build a support network with products and services. If not, here is a quick list of our services, products, capabilities:

Creative Brand Design

Web Development Services for All things Internet and Web 3

Article Writing

Graphic Design 

Product Photography


Social Media Management

NFT Collection Creation 

AI Teachers

Art Promotion

Fashion - Custom Clothing


Food & Beverages

Home & Garden (Lifestyle)

Tech & Toys


Here is how you will begin building your digital village with our quick affiliate orientation.

You will discover the many layers you yourself, in business, and others in your journey.

3PPPL can help you to peel your layers and in turn provide your time, which later in life you will find to be priceless.

Aside from "business", Really Quick!

Tips on how to create a strong foundation while increasing productivity and focus on work.

Business is very hard and that is why it is not for everyone.

If something is telling you that you can do this, make this revenue, and your dreams happen, let's continue friend.

Business takes a lot of willpower and many hours of hard work.

How are you liking the FREE training so far? Let us know.

Begin Lesson 1 3rd Party Person Training Walkthrough

Contact us today. We are ready to support. If you found this helpful be sure to share this information to your business network.

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